Bayer Garden expands bug control range

Two new pesticides have been added to Bayer Garden’s range for 2009 with two very different markets in mind.

New for 2009 is an improved Provado Ultimate Bug Killer Concentrate based on thiacloprid which protects against a greater variety of pests, including the difficult to control capsid bug, and can be used on a larger number of edibles than it could previously. 

Robert Smit, Product Manager for Bayer Garden, says: “The new formula allows us to expand the product’s boundaries of use. It now controls more bugs and is suitable for use on a wider range of fruit and vegetables than before making it more attractive to the ever increasing ‘grow your own’ market.”

He adds: “With the loss of Derris, being able to recommend something safe and effective is really important right now.”

Aimed at the novice gardener, Bayer Garden Bug & Disease Killer has also been added to the range. This new all-in-one product both kills insect and controls fungal problems, thereby offering a complete treatment for all flowering plants.

Smit concludes: “New users who are inexperienced in identifying what is attacking a plant can be put off buying a product if they don’t know whether they need a fungicide or an insecticide or both. By providing a solution that covers a wide variety of problems, retailers can streamline their ranges and better target inexpert gardeners who are often daunted by shelves full of specific products for specifics needs and who frequently leave the store without making a purchase at all.”

For more information on Bayer Garden’s products contact the customer services team on 01223 226564 or e-mail