DIY and Garden Centres Now Offered Key to Retail Success.

Raise the footfall in your store, sell more product, attract new business, it’s all easier than you think. Retail Space Design have already achieved this for their client in Harrow and they are now offering to talk to DIY and garden centres about how they can achieve the same result.

Retail Space Design took an ex Woolworth site, a huge 6,500 sq ft space, and created a successful retail environment that pushes all the right buttons for it’s customers.

Retail Space Design’s proven track record led Hakam Valiani owner of £ or 2, to contract them for the design and fit of this brand new high street store. Working from scratch the team designed everything from exterior and interior to logo, using a combination of bespoke design elements relevant to a very specific profile.

The Retail Space Design team were excellent from start to finish”, says Mr Valiani, “I had something in mind, but they took my ideas and turned them into reality, adjusting the design, colours and finishes to suit a very specific customer and location profile. They kept to the budget, which was essential, managed the whole project very efficiently, whilst keeping me up to date with progress and essentially leaving me to get on with running my business. Their inspirational format has now revolutionized the way I think about my customer. We already have impressive footfall and sales, which I’m certain would not have happened without Retail Space Design”.

Retail Space Design built the profile of needs from looking at clientele, types of expected shopping experience, desired store image, store location, preferred colours and finishes. The result exceeded Mr Valiani’s expectations, not only by delivering on budget and on time, but by it’s look and feel, attention to detail and suitability to purpose.

Retail Space Design’s extensive industry experience has taught them that the customer is the most valuable asset that a store has and that their level of spend is very much determined by the store itself. Capitalizing on this is the key.

With the right tools stores can ensure a customer’s repeat business, additional in-store impulse purchases and diverted business from the customers previously preferred outlets and competition. Retail Space Design are adept at providing these tools. A whole range of intelligent exterior and interior elements, eye catching visually attractive displays, merchandise placement, clear signage, effective presentation and dedicated POS, all designed to direct customer spend.

Retail Space Design’s client’s span the retail spectrum and include a wide range of trades. For more information on how Retail Space Design can increase your business please call: 0800 058 8182