Vital Earth is one stop shop for the greener gardener

Peat-free, organic composts, fertilisers and growing media manufacturer, Vital Earth, which makes its products by recycling garden waste and blending it with naturally produced nutrients, is showing a massively extended, reconfigured and repackaged range at GLEE 2008.
Claims Managing Director, Steve Harper: “Our launch at GLEE this year will cement our relationship with the garden trade, making us the first and only one stop shop for 100 per cent natural, 100 per cent sustainable and 100 per cent UK-sourced green growing media.”
The GLEE launch, where the objective is to unveil the results of a continued drive to put the environment at the top of the whole industry’s agenda, follows hard on the heals of the company’s achievement of BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and BS EN ISO 14001:2004 certification, the worldwide benchmarks for quality and environmental management. With only around five per cent of UK businesses holding these certificates, this puts Vital Earth at the forefront in terms of the environment. 
Steve explains: “Vital Earth manufactures its products by recycling garden and food waste which would otherwise go to landfill. Converting locally sourced garden waste into valuable garden care products is the ultimate in sustainable gardening, combining environmentally-sound sourcing and processing with selling an environmentally-sound product. Our patented in-vessel composting plant will be processing 95,000 tonnes of material per year within 18 months, with positive contribution to the reduction of CO2 and methane emission inherent.
“So, yes, we do see ourselves as spearheading this industry’s green agenda, but it’s because we all need to acknowledge commercial reality. It’s about having a viable, sustainable business in today’s market – and that’s something that every manufacturer, retailer and grower should be taking seriously. 
“In my opinion, the consumer drive for green is inexorable and while being ‘green’ is laudable in itself, it’s also commercially essential. I predict that the successful launches at GLEE will prove me right.”
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