Premium healthy snacks from 8 in 1

8 in 1, a brand with a world-wide reputation for innovation and quality, is proud to officially launch Delights, its new  range of premium snacks for dogs. Previously available as Meaty Middles the range changed its name earlier this year and was given a fresh new look and appeal, focused on the top end of the companion animal category.  Dental Delights and Dental Chews have also been added new to the range.

Delights is  a unique chewy bone with real chicken wrapped in premium rawhide and its patented recipe means it is truly unique to the market. It offers a long lasting chew that satisfies dog’s natural instinct to chew, available in variety of different sizes for large and small dogs. New Dental Delights and Dental Chews contain the highest quality ingredients to ensure fresh breadth and they won’t splinter, crack, crumble or stain.  No artificial flavours or colours are used.

The new range of Delights will benefit from the fresh new look and appeal for 8 in 1, focused on the growing premium market. All products benefit from 8 in 1’s high level of investment in research and development and quality packaging, and are designed to give retailers the confidence and support they need to sell.