Top-selling ergonomic Garden Tools from the US now available to UK Garden Centres

Brilliant Garden Products (, the UK distributor of Michigan-based Radius Garden tools, is looking to supply their range of award-winning products to a limited number of high-quality garden centres across the UK. 

Offering tremendous returns and margins for the retailer, these outstanding tools, which include ergonomic hand tools, ‘O’ grip digging tools and the multi-purpose, year-round waste-grabbing device, the Gator Grabber, have been beautifully designed to reduce strain and stress while maximising effectiveness.

To see a short video from the US of the NRG Hand Tools in operation, please click here:

So good are Radius Garden tools, QVC recently featured the Gator Grabber – and sold out in 7 minutes flat! To see the QVC video, please click here:

Garden centres are invited to contact Brilliant Garden Products for more information: