Tetra products add clarity to your customer’s pond

The pond market has been a challenging one over the last few years so it’s vital for retailers to be able to recommend high quality, reliable products that make pond keeping more enjoyable and easier for their customers. Tetra has launched a number of new products this season that breath life back into the pond sector and help consumers meet the challenge of keeping their pond water clear and clean, and looking its best.

Tetra, the leading global supplier of fish food, care and equipment, has three new pond care products,including Tetra Pond UV Booster, Tetra Pond pH/KH Plus and Tetra Pond OxySafe. Each one is designed to tackle specific problems, and help retailers ensure that pond keepers get the best from their ponds with the minimum of hassle.

Tetra Pond UVBooster

Tetra Pond UVBooster puts the sparkle back into pond water. It offers a new and unique way to reduce hard-to-treat problems such as surface foaming and ‘yellowing’ of the water, as well as reducing nitrite. It does this by harnessing the power of the ultraviolet light to reduce the amount of dissolved organic matter in the water. By doing this it improves both the appearance and health of the pond.

Tetra Pond pH/KH Plus

Tetra Pond pH/KH Plus quickly increases and stabilises pH and KH in pond water. Over time, natural processes lead to the loss of carbonate hardness (KH) from pond water, which acts as a natural buffer. This can lead to an unstable pH which is harmful to fish and other pond life. It will also reduce the overall health of the pond. Tetra Pond pH/KH Plus offers a fast, effective way to restore KH and therefore stabilise, or if necessary, increase pH. It is particularly useful in soft water areas, or during times when KH is likely to be low such as after the winter or during periods of heavy rainfall.

Tetra Pond OxySafe

Tetra Pond OxySafe is a liquid oxygen additive that rapidly restores the water’s oxygen content when levels get low. This makes it especially useful for the summer months, when high temperatures warm the water and reduce its oxygen content. Thanks to its liquid formula, OxySafe adds nothing to the pond but water and oxygen.

These new products strengthen Tetra’s existing pond care range, by adding new solutions for common pond problems. With more effective ways to help pond owners get the results the y want, retailers can ensure that their customers are successful and build loyalty.

Rena Wiethaupt, Product Manager for Tetra UK adds: “These three new products are all supported by the trusted Tetra brand name, with all the research and development investment that all our products benefit from. They do exactly what they say they will so retailers can recommend them with confidence, knowing that their customers won’t be disappointed.”

For further information go to the Tetra website at:

www.tetra.net or telephone 023 80 60 60 70