Bayer Garden springs mid season surprise

Bayer Garden, which already dominates the slug control category has done the unexpected; it’s launched an innovative new organic slug bait, grabbing this part of the market from the traditional players in the sector.

The new Bayer Garden Slug Bait, perfectly complements Bayer Garden’s Bio Slug & Snail Killer, which is well known as the UK’s number one slug killer. 

Bayer Garden now has a complete slug control category management solution that appeals to different sectors of the market by extending the market leading brand into both organic and non-organic slug control. 

This means retailers can meet shoppers’ need for choice at the same time as simplifying the options on the shelves, so boosting sales. 

Tommy Gill, Head of Bayer Garden, explained: “Our Bio Slug & Snail killer is the clear market leader, but we could see retailers needed to offer shoppers a choice. 

“With this radical step of bringing organic Slug Bait into our range we are meeting this demand, giving retailers the full category management solution they need.”

Bio Slug & Snail Killer is the ideal solution for consumers who want to eliminate any risk of slugs and snails damaging plants, while the new slug bait provides an effective organic slug control solution that is rain resistant and safe to use around children and pets. 

Tommy Gill continued: “By opting for our complete category management solution, retailers can also simplify the slug category on the shelf, which according to our research will further boost sales.” 

Bayer Garden’s research shows shoppers want to be able to select their preferred product for a particular problem, but when faced with too much choice in one category they frequently fail to make a purchase. 

The ideal solution for the retailer, therefore, is to stock the market leading product alongside an alternative that appeals to a different sector of the market.

Tommy Gill concluded: “Consumers want simple, effective products that are easy to use and they want to be able to work out if the product on the shelf is the right one for them in just a few seconds. 

“This means that, while they want choice, it must not be so overwhelming that they fail to make a decision and the packaging must be clear, giving the information shoppers are looking for in a second or two. 

“We have invested a great deal to deepen our understanding of shoppers and have designed our packaging accordingly.

We have used pictures to provide information and incorporated elements that make it easy to apply the product accurately, such as incorporating Bio Slug & Snail Killer’s unique scatter cap into the Slug Bait packaging.”

The new Bayer Garden Slug Bait leverages the innovative design of the Bio Slug & Snail Killer bottle to give the feel of a range. 

But, through the use of colour, a clear hierarchy of messages and a visually different pellet the new slug bait will appeal to a different group of shoppers.

Bayer Garden 

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