Spear & Jackson cleans up at home

Spear & Jackson – one of the UK’s leading suppliers of garden tools – has launched an innovative block paving cleaner. Essentially a dedicated specialist hoe, the cleaner is designed to remove moss, lichens, grass, weeds and other debris from block paving joints quickly and easily; and without the risk of damage to paving.

The cleaner is for contractors and homeowners seeking to keep block paving in optimum condition while avoiding the risk of damage. The cleaner obviates the need for aggressive and possibly harmful cleaning chemicals; and will not scratch pavers like wire brushes. Similarly, it won’t expel jointing materials or even destabilise or dislodge the paving as could potentially occur with the use of high-pressure washers or, again, brushes.

The handle is grasped at waist height, and the cleaning head drawn toward the user. For the cleaner to achieve maximum efficiency, its patented head is designed to be used at around 400. Available as part of the Traditional range with a solid ash handle; or the Select range – with a lightweight aluminium shaft with long ‘soft feel’ grip – the block paving cleaner’s head is made from mirror-finish stainless steel that is easy to clean and rust resistant.

The new block paving cleaner from Spear & Jackson is a superb, convenient way to remove, grass, weeds, moss, lichen and other materials from patios and drives while avoiding the risks of dislodging blocks or jointing materials associated with other cleaning methods.

Spear & Jackson

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