Investing in training adds value to retailing

When times get tough the more knowledge you can have about your business the better, and in the aquatics industry, that means being an expert on livestock.  In the area of aquatics this can be quite a challenge with the wide range of species available for sale.  Looking after a variety of different types of fish – whether they’re coldwater, tropical or marine, can be a demanding job and one that all members of staff should be equipped to manage.

Tetra, the leading fish and food treatments supplier in the UK, supports this need for education through a wide range of in-store leaflets, the Tetra Information Centre and its web-site.  The company has also had a long-term link with the aquatics section of Sparsholt College, Hampshire, the UK’s leading college for aquatics and fisheries training.  Sparsholt has recognised the difficulty many retailers have in attending lengthy courses but is keen to support retailers in their need to invest in training and ensure they have all the knowledge they need to source, maintain and sell healthy livestock.  They are therefore offering a range of short courses throughout January and March covering three essential topics:  fish biology, fish health and water quality. 


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