Peckish encourages 12.5 million people to ‘Love Every Bird’

In a sector first, wild bird food brand Peckish will be sponsoring the Channel 4 Weather bulletins from January 1 2019 until the end of February, furthering the brand’s position as the fastest growing name in the bird care market.

Peckish has seen 45% brand growth year-on-year which is anticipated to be furthered by a substantial advertising and press campaign in 2019. The campaign will raise the profile of the sector and continue to boost the market, driving more customers to retailers.

The ‘Love Every Bird’ campaign will encourage people to feed wild birds and will drive growth in the sector. Focussed on the concept of capturing simple moments of joy in the garden, and how celebrating the little things, like feeding birds, can bring a smile even on the dullest of days. The lead product to feature in the campaign will be Peckish Complete Seed & Nut Mix.

The Channel 4 sponsorship will see Peckish and the ‘Love Every Bird’ campaign being put in front of 10.4 million people. Alongside the sponsorship, the campaign will also feature an extensive national press and digital engagement campaign. This will bring the total reach to over 12.5 million consumers.

Westland senior marketing manager Rachael Dickinson commented: “The popularity of feeding birds has continually increased and we are championing the cause to make people realise the positive effect that feeding the birds can bring to your day, as well as supporting our wildlife survival. Peckish is a proven leader in driving growth in the sector and as a market leader we are always seeking ways to move the category forward to introduce more people to responsible bird feeding – our ‘Love Every Bird’ campaign is the latest step in this.

“Our aim is to promote all year round feeding to present more opportunities to retailers and our customers. We‘ve really focussed the Peckish brand with our new developments to ensure that the range offers retailers, end users, and of course, garden birds, the complete offering.”

For the 2019 season, Peckish has launched a new look and new packaging, which includes resealable packaging on 80% of all food products. A key new product which has already been received incredibly well in the industry is the new Squirrel Proof Suet Pellets. This product is a unique introduction to the marketplace and offers customers an alternative to having to use squirrel proof cages on feeders.

The developments within the Peckish range for next year are also supported by extensive promotional and marketing campaigns. There are promotions and pallet deals, along with new point-of-sale materials and ‘extra-free’ deals available on eight products across the range. Peckish has also launched a new six pallet display unit to help retailers drive volume sales.