bordKnown for its successful combination of peat-reduction with best in class performance quality, Bord na Móna UK has seen its growing media products cited as Best Buys by consumer ratings magazine, Which? Gardening in the raising young plants categories.  These have traditionally been the most challenging areas for peat-reduced and peat-free growing media.


Best Buy for raising young plants was the company’s Growise Multipurpose peat-reduced which was tested with a number of different plant types including pelargoniums where it achieved particularly excellent scores for colour, size and quality.  Meanwhile Verve Sowing and Cutting, which is manufactured by BNM UK for B&Q also secured a Best Buy in the raising young plants category.


Commenting on the results, Charles Farmer, head of consumer for Bord na Móna UK said, “This is not only great news for us, but great news for peat reduction in general.  It demonstrates that the performance quality of our peat-free and peat-reduced is now outstripping that of conventional product in every area, including for the first time raising young plants.  This category has long been viewed as the most challenging for peat-reduced product, so it’s great to have our product development endorsed in this way.


”Bord na Móna UK is all about one stop shop, market leading quality peat-based and peat-free growing media that gives trade customers the reassurance of buying best in class, while ensuring that the consumer gets great results every time.”


Growise Multipurpose has an rrp of £5.99 for 56 litres.


Bord na Móna UK trades peat–reduced Growise and peat-free Vital Earth through garden centres nationally and is the largest own brand supplier of compost and bark in the UK.  It is part of the Bord na Móna plc, which specialises in eco-fuels, growing media, recycling, resource recovery and renewable energy.