‘Fabulous Fondants’ sure to be a hit at garden centres this winter

The Beech’s Confectionery Group has announced the forthcoming launch of its Jenny Wren brands’ new line – ‘Fabulous Fondants’.

The units are designed with jungle animals and have a holding banner which shouts the products Fair Trade cocoa, plastic free compostable wrapper and Vegan credentials.  In addition they are palm oil free, non GMO and gluten free – ticking all the boxes for the future of confectionery today whilst also reflecting changing customer values.

Excellent margins are available to retailers at only £1.35RRP.  As well as presenting the highest environmental credentials, Jenny Wren are now finalists in The Great British Food Awards (multiple categories) and the World Plant Based awards, both of which will anounce results in October – this underlining their high product standards and manufacturing excellence.

Managing director Peter Whiting, commented: “During pre-sale discussions  with certain premium retailers many have commented that we are years ahead of anything else available in the mainstream confectionery market and we aim to continue to use the current technology employed in this Jenny Wren range in adapting our other ranges. This new line development demonstrates that Beech’s continue to be up to date whilst also celebrating 100 years of confectionery excellence.”

Jenny Wren Chocolate is part of the Beech’s Confectionery Group, a traditional and family owned firm that corporately aims to be one of the leaders in adopting planet saving and ethical choices to do its part in promoting a more sustainable future. As Chairman, Andrew Whiting adds: “There is no Planet B,  and it is imperative that manufacturers rise to the challenge in quickly re-engineering processes to become more environmentally friendly.”

The Beech’s Confectionery Group makes over 40 purely plant based products and with these new Jenny Wren Fabulous Fondants it wanted to create five new sensational flavours especially for lovers of plant based ingredients and under the Vegan logo.

The five flavours featured in the range are Peach Paradise, Tropical Coconut, Jungle Orange, Vanilla Custard and Peppermint.  For further information on their development please see the information sheet attached to this release.