CWA Pets agrees layout for FREE £20,000 refit

Ian Blinco from CASCO made a memorable trip to CWA Pet Supplies in Ludlow, Shropshire to finalize preparations for fitting £20,000 worth of new shop fittings completely free of charge. Ian presented a smiling Alison Adams with a celebratory bottle of Champagne before getting down to business and showing her what the store makeover will actually look like.

A range of new animal enclosures have been chosen that are set to boost business dramatically for this long-standing family owned pet and aquatic store! Alison Adams from CWA entered the CASCO prize draw at GLEE 2008. Alison then went home and forgot all about it. To her amazement, she received a phone call from CASCO MD Matthew Bubear on the last day of the show to say that she was the winner. As a result £20,000 will now be spent updating Alison’s shop fittings.


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