CASCO launch sexy curvy glass display tanks

From a company known for innovation and style comes a new range of freestanding display tanks from CASCO Europe. The unique curves of these tanks creates an eye-catching as well as a practical focal point for any aquarium store. The new Curved Tanks from CASCO are free standing with light systems to create a stunning display. There are several specifications available and the tanks are custom built by CASCO in a variety of sizes to meet customers’ specific requirements.

Curved Tanks are designed to display plants, aquarium fish, marine fish, corals and invertebrates. The new style tanks are unique, as the glass is curved using a special technique. In the past most glass tanks have had straight sides, as bending glass was an expensive technique. Made without joins or seals a stunning free flowing effect is created with the glass. The shape and design of the new tanks is striking bringing a WOW factor to any store’s display area!

Curved Tanks are available in three specifications depending on the intended use. A weir system is used for the plant display model along with a stainless steel pot scheme for holding and displaying plants. Curved Tanks are mounted on aluminium stands and benefit from contemporary suspended lighting. Overhead metal halide lighting is used for marine, mercury vapour for plant display, as well as tropical fish lamps where applicable. As is the norm with CASCO Europe, Curved Tanks are made in a variety of colours and specifications depending on the design of the store.

CASCO is known for shop fittings and related equipment whether it is a single rack of display aquariums, an aviary, small animal enclosure, or total 25,000 square foot retail area. The company are friendly, professional, and above all in tune with modern developments on the design and fitting of pet and aquarium stores and the technology required to run them.

New innovations are constantly being launched by CASCO who have sales and operations divisions around the world. The company works with retailers to design the most practical and attractive store fittings on all budget levels. The company also work towards minimum disruption during any store re-fits! 

Many images of past installations and examples of available products can be found at or for sales enquiries, prices and brochures call 08450 60 99 60.