HTA urge growers and retailers to register trolleys ahead of ‘Operation Chip It’

Trolleys will get a new radio frequency identification tag in an attempt to prevent low quality, counterfeit trolleys entering the CC pool. It will replace the current black padlock ID tag. Operation Chip It, which runs until January 2011, will ensure that all 3.5 million CC trolleys in the pool have a tag. HTA’s Director of Business Development, Tim Briercliffe, comments, “The HTA is very concerned about plans to introduce a new tagging system for CC trolleys. There is a real danger that if the industry fails to get as many trolleys as possible tagged then it could lead to a trolley ‘gridlock’ in spring 2011. We are aware that many garden retailers are not members of the CC trolley pool and there could be as many as one million counterfeit trolleys circulating within the trade. This needs to change and all plant retailers need to ensure they have adequate numbers of tagged CC trolleys in time for the peak 2011 season.”

Companies with untagged trolleys, but which meet the CC quality requirements, are able to have trolleys registered and accepted into the pool before 10 January 2011 for a fee of £10. After that date the pool will be closed to untagged trolleys and only those produced for CC will be allowed to enter. Non CC contract holders can take advantage of the registration offer by becoming a contract holder with CC.The use of scanners with the new tags will allow users to identify each trolley at the point of collection and delivery but investment in this technology does come at a price but if you want to be sure you have the right tags you will need to purchase a scanner.The cost of replacement of an illegal trolley found in the pool after the cut off date will fall to the company. To remove any uncertainty over who carries responsibility for these costs it is recommended that users agree contractual terms and responsibilities between themselves.

 For further information please see the HTA information sheet: CC Containers (Danish trolleys) available to members on the HTA website