Garlic Wonder and Garlic Wonder Tree Wash is a new retail product for gardeners who want to use natural products and solutions to grow their crops effectively, with zero residues. Garlic Wonder stimulates growth and makes healthy, vigorous plants with good root systems much more resistant to attack from insect pests and fungal diseases. It is both preventative and curative.

Universal in application, Garlic Wonder can be used effectively for growing vegetables, flowers, shrubs, and on fruit trees. A unique blend of aqueous garlic extracts and natural ingredients provides a safe product to use in an environment where people, pets and wildlife are present.

Garlic Wonder is the latest in the well established ‘Garlic Barrier’ range of products, which have been used successfully by commercial growers for many years. Available in a 750ml ready-to-use spray or in 500ml as a concentrate which makes 5 litres of spray, this cost effective method of growing plants will soon be available from many garden retail centres. Contact Aston Horticulture on 0370 350 6250.