ACO launches new Stabilisation Fabric

Water management specialist ACO Technologies launch this month ACO Stabilisation Fabric – a new non-woven separation membrane which offers stockists a great opportunity to generate additional revenues from the expanding residential drainage market. The new fabric is designed to work with the award-winning ACO GroundGuard ground reinforcement system. By installing the Stabilisation Fabric above and below the sub-base layer aggregate migration during settlement is virtually eliminated, reducing total aggregate costs by up to 25% and improving the stability of the finished installation.

The fabric layers also help improve long-term drainage performance by retaining the integrity of the porous sub-base structure, allowing rain and surface water to quickly penetrate through to the underlying soil. A single roll of ACO Stabilisation Fabric covers exactly the same area as a pallet of ACO GroundGuard: 20m2 – the area of a typical residential parking bay. Unrolled, the sheet is two metres wide which makes the fabric easier to install and further improves the integrity of the sub-base layer as fewer overlapping joins are required.

ACO Technologies

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