The Lindesberg Pot to be launched in the UK at GLEE

The Lindesberg Pot will be launched at GLEE by Fagerdala Por-Pac*. This is the first product that allows perennial plants to be grown simply and successfully in pots. Although perennials can be grown in traditional pots, they require a great deal of work and the results are uncertain. Traditional pots are not insulated and the roots of perennials suffer from cold in winter and from heat in summer. The Lindesberg Pot works via a system that allows plant roots to breath and at the same time offers insulation to provide the perfect environment for perennials, in both summer and winter months.
The attractive Lindesberg Pot is lightweight, frost proof and virtually indestructible. The base of the Pot features raised spikes for drainage and the saucer is manufactured from the same material as the container to provide extra insulation from the ground temperature. The Pot is made from expanded polypropylene (EPP) which is recyclable.
The benefits to consumers include the possibility of having low maintenance planted pots year after year, without the need to refill pots with annuals every year.  The Lindesberg Pot is invaluable to those with patio gardens, or those who do not have the space or energy to look after a fully planted garden – you get fewer weeds in pots too!
There are three styles of Lindesberg Pots available:
Classic is available in three sizes: large, 64cm diameter x 49.5cm tall; medium, 46cm diameter x 40cm tall; small, 40cm diameter x 37cm tall, in reddish brown, black, grey or blue.
Japan is available in two sizes – small, 37cm wide x 37cm tall, and medium, 43cm wide x 40cm tall, in grey or black.
Terrace is 90cm wide x 36cm tall and is available in grey or black.
 Hall 3/3A, Stand W11
For trade enquiries from retailers please contact Lars Eklund at Fagerdala Por-Pac. Telephone 00 46 581 835 00, fax 00 46 581 835 90, e-mail
*Fagerdala Por-Pac is part of Fagerdala World Foams, an international group that operates in over 16 countries.  The company specialises in polymer foams for industrial leaders such as Volvo and Electrolux. The company uses their expertise in insulating lightweight materials to create a number of innovative consumer products, such as the Lindesberg Pot, under the name of