SOLEX Update

Europe’s leader in the provision of garden furniture solutions to suit every taste, Alexander Rose has become a by-word on the market for consistent excellence in product innovation guaranteed to deliver maximum customer satisfaction.
“Quality, variety and value are the key drivers in the formulation of our product offerings,” says Managing Director Borge Leth (pictured right). “Our aim is to provide a competitively priced one-stop-shop for the mid to upmarket range.”
As part of its commitment to the environment, every effort is made to ensure all wood used is sourced from sustainably managed forests.
From a base in the traditional solid wood market, the company has been at the forefront of the industry’s expansion into contemporary styles combining stainless steel, woven and granite, providing an array of furniture to enhance lifestyle experiences both indoors and outdoors.
A range of tastefully designed accessories including decorative parasols, umbrellas and cushions, complete the presentation.
Our dynamic design house consistently achieves the nigh impossible each year in creating products which blend successfully the often competing characteristics of superb comfort and aesthetic beauty that are the hallmark of our furniture.
A proactive sales force and attentive customer service team are headed by a management team with years of experience at the highest levels within the industry.
Excellent communication across the organisation and with our agents ensures that current information is immediately input to optimal decision-modelling on stocking and product selection in the drive to stay ahead of our competitors.
Our partner stockists complete a smoothly integrated value chain, from order placement through to delivery and enjoyment in homes and gardens of an unrivalled experience in comfort and relaxation.
A winner of many design and exhibition awards over the years, Alexander Rose is really looking forward to exhibiting at the first SOLEX show in July.
“SOLEX will be the first major exhibition to organise all the major players under one roof,” says Borge. “The July date means there will be two months less to prepare than for the Glee fair of previous years but,” says Borge, “we will be ready!”