Evergreen Garden Care UK Ltd: The Scotts Company (UK) Ltd announces new company name

Following its sale to Exponent in 2017, The Scotts Company (UK) Ltd has today launched its new company name – Evergreen Garden Care UK Ltd.

Evergreen Garden Care has been announced as the new company name for the business created through the acquisition of the former international business of the Scott’s Miracle-Gro Company. Acquired by Exponent Private Equity in September 2017, the intention is to signal the new ownership and resultant change of strategy by changing the identity of the Company.

The change has no impact on the branding of the company’s brands – such as Miracle-Gro, Roundup, and Weedol. The only thing changing is the company name.

Evergreen Garden Care UK Ltd chief executive Karl Kahofer commented: “We’re extremely excited to relaunch our Company as Evergreen Garden Care. This is not intended to be just a cosmetic name change, but rather a signal of a new strategy and direction for our business.

“The focus of the new Evergreen Garden Care will be entirely on developing the best-known brands and launching the most exciting and consumer-relevant innovations as we deliver growth – literally – for our consumers and retailers.”

Following this announcement, there will be no change to the registered company number, registered address, or VAT number.