Meripac provide sanctuary for wild birds

In these difficult times wild bird lovers will want to economise wherever possible. The only substantial weekly expenditure is wild bird food which has risen in price. Unwanted intruders – squirrels, pigeons, seagulls – can devour large quantities of bird food. Therefore an obvious economy, which pays for itself speedily, is to restrict their access.

Some products aim to do this by placing a fixed mesh round the feeding area. The problem is that intruders come in different sizes and one person’s intruder is another one’s welcome guest.

The Meripac “Choice” range of sanctuaries aims to deal with these problems. In the Ground Sanctuary, Mini Ground Sanctuary, Tube Sanctuary and Bird Table Sanctuary the mesh widths can be varied at any time to exclude each particular customer’s “pet hate”.  In the Squirrel Buster Plus (classified as “Best Buy” by Gardening Which) the intruder weight which closes down the 6 feeder ports can be adjusted to exclude starlings, for example, as well as squirrels. 


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