Gardman has flipped with new bird feeders

Leading wild bird care company Gardman has designed and introduced a new range of  four ‘entry level’ bird feeders to its extensive range for the 2008/9 season.  The ingenious Flip Top Nut and Seed Feeders can easily be opened and filled one-handed, have a fresh, new design and are finished in eye-catching bright green.

Both Nut and Seed Feeders are offered in standard and large sizes with recommended retail prices of £2.99 and £3.99 respectively.  While they offer consumers great value for money, the Flip Top Feeders are finished to a high quality.  Each feeder has feeder pole boss fitting within its base for flexibility of use and site.

Gardman has invested in the design and development of the new feeders to encourage more householders to feed wild birds.  It believes this may lead to a trade-up in future purchases, thereby growing the market for its stockists.

To strengthen its brand and market leadership, Gardman’s 2008/9 wild bird care programme features many new products, point-of-sale and promotions.  To find out more how Gardman’s wild bird care products can boost sales for stockists, contact the company 01406 372237 or e-mail