Make sure your fire works on Bonfire night with Fiskars

Any experienced fire starter knows that it takes more than a few large logs to create a roaring success on Bonfire Night. You need a pile of kindling and an abundance of spark creating greenery.


To build a bonfire successfully, logs need to be a manageable size and choosing the right axe is the key to success. With perfect balance and power-to-weight ratio, the Fiskars X25 Splitting axe is more like swinging a baseball bat than an axe, increasing the chance of one-strike hits.


To avoid a dismal fire, you need plenty of kindling and dead branches. Loppers are the tool of choice and none better than the Fiskars PowerGear™ Anvil Loppers. A patented gear mechanism increases the cutting power threefold so you can prune three times the amount of branches without increased effort. These are just two of the many Fiskars tools that make Bonfire night a rip-roaring success.

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