Do walk on the grass…

A beautifully landscaped area of grass is usually off-limits to pedestrians and is certainly no place for cars and caravans, but now using the ACO GroundGuard® ground reinforcement and stabilisation system, attractive and versatile grassed areas can easy be created that can withstand extreme loads and high, repeated use.  Developed by drainage and landscaping specialist ACO Technologies, this award-winning system is ideal for garden centres, golf clubs, caravan parks – any location where the introduction of hard landscaping would detract from its visual appeal and natural setting.

Recognised by the Association of Professional Landscapers, ACO GroundGuard has an open grid, ‘honeycomb’ structure that allows it to be seeded with grass or back-filled with gravel to create a high load-bearing surface of any size that blends in perfectly with its surroundings.  Capable of supporting 250 tonnes per square metre, it is specifically designed to create access routes, car parks and driveways.  It is also ideal for pedestrian pathways and for constructing wheelchair accesses compliant with Part M of the Building Regulations.

Managing rainwater is also simplified as the open structure allows water to quickly penetrate through the honeycomb to the underlying top soil.  This eliminates the expense of having to install a supplementary drainage system, reduces the risk of flooding and is more environmentally sustainable – a significant benefit which, in certain situations, can avoid the cost and delays of having to apply for planning permission.

“Reducing flood risk is one of the major benefits of installing GroundGuard,” says Peter Ridgway, Market Development Director at ACO Technologies.  “The creation of large new areas of traditional hard landscaping exacerbated many of the problems caused during the country’s recent spells of heavy rainfall.  Mains drainage networks were overloaded by the increased volumes of surface run-off and many businesses suffered either as a direct result of damage to property or by the loss of peak season income through flooded customer access roads and car parks.

“To combat the problem, the Environment Agency is now changing planning laws to stem the use of impermeable landscaping materials and encourage the uptake of new sustainable porous systems such as GroundGuard.  Installers will not only benefit from creating stable, well drained and attractive areas, but also save valuable time and money by not having to apply for full planning permission.”

ACO GroundGuard is manufactured from recycled polymer in lightweight slabs 4cm deep, 60cm long and 40cm wide.  No special tools, expertise or extensive ground preparations are required to install the system; individual slabs are simply clipped together and outer edges cut or trimmed to any shape for the perfect finish.

ACO Technologies:

ACO Technologies designs and manufactures drainage, water management and landscaping systems for virtually all internal and external applications.  Twice winner of The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation, the company has pioneered the development of channel and high capacity drainage systems.

For further information the company and its range of award winning products, visit or contact ACO directly on 01462 816666.