Let Tetra Help Grow Your Business with One Quick Step

The Quick Step product pack from Tetra will help retailers increase sales by cross-selling some of Tetra’s best selling food and care products.

The Quick Step Kit is aimed at new fishkeepers and offers a pack containing Tetra Aquasafe (100ml), Tetra SafeStart (100ml), TetraMin (20g) and Tetra EasyBalance (100ml), with a promotional RSP of £18.61, which means that the customer saves £3.15. Quick Step Kits are available from Tetra now.

Rupert Bridges, Product Manager at Tetra UK adds: “The idea behind the QuickStep kit is to help retailers provide new customers with the key products they need to set up their aquarium. At a time when they are taking in a lot of information about setting up their aquarium, it takes the complication and confusion out of deciding which products to buy. This also saves the retailer time, and helps them to cross-sell our most popular lines. These Tetra products offer the best and most convenient choice for fishkeepers wanting to keep their aquarium healthy and clean.

The more help we can give fishkeeepers the more enjoyment they will get from the hobby, and the more likely they will be to stay in it. With this Kit Tetra aims to give retailers even more support in helping them make fishkeeping easier for their customer and more profitable for their business.”


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