Scotts Home Defence® introduces new safe killers in the fight against rats, mice and ants

Scotts Miracle-Gro has further strengthened its position in the home pesticide market with the launch of a comprehensive portfolio of new ‘natural’ and safe products in its Home Defence® range.

The new range will be supported with promotional material, including dedicated advertising campaigns, to publicise the unique Home Defence® umbrella branding, which stands for effective products delivered in a safe way.

The new products control some of the most hated home pests – rats, mice and ants.

Home Defence® Advanced Rat Killer & Home Defence® Advanced Rat and Mouse Killer

Both products use natural plant extracts that block the digestive system of rodents, killing them without the use of chemical poisons.

They disrupt the digestive system, so that rodents fall into a lethargic coma from which they don’t recover. The pellets control all rats or mice, even those resistant to existing chemicals, such as warfarin. The 100% natural ingredients ensure the food creates no bait shyness and is effective both indoors and outside. Each pack contains a bait tray for safe and easy use.

Home Defence® Advanced Rat & Mouse Killer 300g pack SRP £4.15.

Home Defence® Advanced Rat Killer 500g pack SRP £6.23.

Home Defence® Pre-Baited Mouse Bait Station

This contains an attractive bait that mice find irresistible. This is safely hidden away in an enclosed feeding station, doing away with direct householder contact with the bait.

The bait is mixed with a new anti-coagulant, bromadiolone, which is fatal to mice after they eat just one dose. One Home Defence® Pre-Baited Mouse Bait Station can kill several mice.

Each pack contains two Bait Stations SRP £5.19.

Home Defence® Press n’ Set Mouse Trap

The rodent range is completed with this easy to use and set mouse trap. It boasts an easy one-touch setting mechanism and a grab tab for safe and easy disposal. Its superior design generates enough force to kill the mouse – not just trap it – and that’s guaranteed.

Each pack contains two traps SRP £4.15.

Home Defence® Ant Stop!® Granules & Home Defence® Ant Stop!® Singles™

These new products join the existing Ant Stop!® range – Scotts’ No 1 selling brand for crawling insects. Both products contain a new active ingredient, called spinosad, which is exclusive to Scotts Miracle-Gro and is widely accepted as one of the few ‘next generation’ insecticides to achieve approval in organic agriculture. Spinosad is derived through the fermentation of naturally occurring soil bacteria.

It uniquely combines the efficacy of synthetic products with the benefits of ‘natural’ insecticides and kills both by contact and ingestion. Spinosad also forms a long-lasting barrier against future attack. The dust-free granules have been formulated with a sugar-based carrier that actually attracts the ants. They take this food back to the nest to ensure an excellent kill of the whole colony. They are versatile – they can be sprinkled onto surfaces indoors and outdoors where ants are running or mixed with water and washed into the nest.

Home Defence® Ant Stop!® Granules supplied in a 300g shaker applicator jar SRP £5.19.

Home Defence® Ant Stop!® Singles™ have all the power and benefits of the granules supplied in ready measured sachets containing enough product to treat an entire nest. The ready measured doses provide a safe, clean and hygienic way of applying the granules and take away the uncertainty of how much to use.

A box of 10 10g sachet doses SRP £4.15.

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