Brilliant garden products featuring Radius Garden Tools

This is the story of the evolution of a garden tool business from a single plywood prototype to a full range of highly innovative and beautifully-designed ergonomic garden tools set to debut in the UK next month:

About 4 years ago, Graham Renny (a retired engineer) made a device to help his wife, Susan, collect horse manure in the paddock of their Herefordshire home – without having to use a shovel. ‘Poo-picking’ (as it is called) with a shovel is back-breaking work and they are both in their 70’s. The original device was made of broom handles, plywood and nails and it worked extremely well – and not just for horse manure. It helped in the garden for leaf-collecting, grass-cuttings, hedge trimmings etc.

Noticing no similar product existed in the hardware stores apart from those awful, ugly, flimsy leaf-grabbing devices, they took the tool to a patent attorney and – BINGO! – they were able to obtain full patents for the UK, the EU and the US (after much investment over an 18 month period!).

Armed with these patents, they went into production with the Grab-O-Saurus: here in the UK.

The Grab-O-Saurus is selling well online and will continue to do so – particularly targeted at the ‘industrial user’ market such as professional grounds-keepers, council workers etc. 

In 2008 they investigated the US market potential for the Grab-O-Saurus and searched for an established, leading and innovative partner to work with. They came upon Radius Garden, based in Michigan, who had developed a truly outstanding range of ergonomic garden tools. Radius took one look at the Grab-O-Saurus and said they’d like to re-design it and manufacture it for them!

Subsequently, Radius Garden have licensed their patents and re-designed the tool into what is now the Gator Grabber.

More detail here:

The Gator Grabber went into production in July last year and is already selling very well in the US. They have even sold a container load into Australia.

The Gator Grabber is beautifully designed with telescoping handles. ‘Grab it. Dump it. Done.’

In showing the Gator Grabber and other Radius Garden tools to potential customers here in the UK (horticultural and equestrian wholesalers, distributors and retailers), it has become apparent that they have a fabulous opportunity to build a new business importing and selling not just the Gator Grabber – but the entire range of Radius garden products in the UK.

After all, the horticultural and equestrian markets in the UK are massive and Radius Garden tools are proven top sellers in the US.

The first import of Radius Garden tools will be available for sale in the UK in March.

You may view the website:

The range will appeal to the serious gardener, the cash-rich, time poor gardener and the ageing gardener.

We are now looking for retail partners and wholesalers to work with on the distribution of the entire range of new tools here in the UK.