Darlac’s new products are the consumer’s choice

Products developed by tools specialist Darlac are consistently awarded “Best Buy” in consumer magazines across the board. The reason is simple, Darlac offer exactly what the buying public ask for.

By stocking Darlac tools you have the satisfaction of knowing that these products have been independently tested and recommended, so your customers will be looking for them as soon as they enter the store.

Darlac is committed to actively working with consumers during the development process, and know their market. Focus groups and customer feedback has been the backbone of the new products the company launches this season.

The DP182 carbon steel hoe, is based on the design of an antique hoe that has been used within the company for generations. “It’s a tool that we find indispensible” explains Darlac MD, Peter Darban. “And based on the amount of letters and calls we’ve had into the office looking for a similar tool, we thought it was about time we brought this traditional hoe back into fashion.”

Designed and manufactured to the highest possible standard, the main benefit to this traditional style hoe is that the head is only 5cm (2in) wide, making it extremely easy to use; especially when working in crowded flower borders and between rows in vegetable plots.

Even with its 1.2m (4ft) hardwood handle, the hoe is extremely lightweight at just 1/2kg (1lb), and has a RRP of £7.95.

Also by popular demand, Darlac has added two new attachment heads to its “Swop Top” range.

Swop Top has always been one of the most versatile tools on the market. With a choice of two telescopic poles it’s a system that can be adapted for numerous jobs simply by attaching one of the easy to connect, quick release heads.

The new Multi-Spray, with multi-patterned head, is perfect for out of reach watering or cleaning when combined with Darlac’s revolutionary Spiralflow© coiled hose.

 Specifically designed for the “Swop-Top” system, Spiralflow© was introduced last year alongside a range of cleaning attachments to extend the system from its original use as a tree pruning tool, to an all purpose cleaning system. The hose enables water to travel up and around the outside of the pole. The on/off valve gives complete control of water flow, whilst adding Darlac’s special inline Fertiliser/Soap Dispenser makes it a complete irrigation/cleaning solution.

The new Cobweb Brush attachment has also been specially developed in response to consumer demand. Perfect for cleaning awkward, out of reach corners in garages, tool sheds, conservatories, barn conversions and stables. It can also be used to reach garden lights.

Other attachments available with the Swop Top system include Gutter Cleaner, Soft Brush, Cleansweep Patio & Decking Brush, Glass Squeegee, Tree Pruning Head, Traditional Saw, Sabre Tooth Saw, Leylandii Shear, Fruit Picking Basket and Pond Net.

 The Swop Top range is available on an attractive purpose built stand, complete with POS information or as part of Darlac’s “Mix and Match” deal with a competitive minimum order value of £150. Mix and Match allows retailers to stock the whole “Swop Top” system or a customised order to suit individual requirements.

For further information please call 01753 547790 or visit http://www.darlac.com/