Authentically and identically branded to the real thing, the Sterling Safecan is a perfectly disguised hiding place.  It is actually a miniature storage item where valuables like keys, cash or cards can be stashed.  They deceive the eye so well and fit in with their surroundings so perfectly that they are the ideal way to keep things hidden in plain sight.

For retailers, Safecan offers a low cost investment with plenty of appeal that results in great sales.  Customers  purchase them for a variety of reasons – they make a good present as well as providing a simple solution to storing spare keys, hiding a spare credit card or simply keeping some cash for emergencies.  They’re particularly good for taking on holiday as a place to secrete away spare currency or passports.  Children like hiding their precious collections in them while students find them useful when they live in shared accommodation or halls and want to keep a safe place for personal items and jewellery.

Sterling Locks regularly updates the designs for Safecans to ensure they will fit into a number of different locations  The latest designs are popular branded products that may be stored in outhouses, garages or garden sheds.  The ‘De-icer’ Safecan or the Unibond ‘No More Big Gaps’ Safecan will both sit inconspicously amongst other practical items, whilst secretly hiding spare keys or other precious items.