Spear and Jackson’s ‘ROOT’ to a Weed Free Garden

This innovative product utilises a simple five-step action for the permanent removal of weeds including their roots.
The Screw Weeder features a “corkscrew” type head, which is positioned over the weed and pushed into the soil by means of the extra wide tread. The handle is then rotated clockwise to create a plug of soil containing the weed, which is then pulled from the soil and ejected by means of the integral ejector rod.
The Screw Weeder features a 10-year guarantee and is painted a protective grey epoxy coating to resist rust and scratches in use. Due to the nature of its action there are none of the environmental or ecological implications of chemical weed killers. Its eye-catching packaging features “how to” instructions and a QR code linking to a useful video on our website explaining its use.

For more information please visit: www.spear-and-jackson.com email: sales@spear-and-jackson.com or tel: 0114 281 4242