Build lawn seed profits earlier in the year with Johnsons Lawn Seed

Lawn seed may sit on retail shelves all year round but Johnsons Lawn Seed, the leading lawn seed brand from DLF Trifolium, has created a new lawn seed mixture that can help generate sales even in the colder spring months – introducing AnyTime.  Let early sales commence!

Traditionally lawn seed can only be sown when the soil temperature reaches +10°C , however with Johnsons new AnyTime it is possible to extend this sowing period significantly.   A world first, AnyTime combines three different types of amenity ryegrass with red fescue to deliver its unique characteristics, helping it to germinate faster than any other mixture plus it can germinate when the soil reaches +3°C, making spring and late autumn more amenable to sowing new lawn seed.  This is great news for retailers as with more opportunity to sow seed comes more opportunity to make sales.

Not only will AnyTime germinate quickly in reduced temperatures but the resulting lawn will be both resistant to wear and tear, as well as drought tolerant, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of gardens.

DLF’s Guy Jenkins said: “We’ve no doubt that AnyTime can open a whole new window of sales and profit opportunity for retailers.  This is particularly relevant now that we can no longer rely on the traditional gardening year running as it once did.  Changing weather patterns are resulting in changing consumer spending habits, so with AnyTime on the shelf retailers can take comfort in knowing they are stocking the right products to meet these changing demands.”

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