Greenfingers to get a cut from Town & Country sales

Town & Country is continuing its valuable support for the industry’s Greenfingers charity, with the launch of a promotional range of Master Gardener Secateurs and Precision Secateurs that will see vital funds donated to the charity.

For each sale of the fully stocked merchandiser – comprising 42 items across the five different products (three secateurs and two snips) – Town & Country has pledged to donate £25 to Greenfingers.

The promotion has the backing of the HTA and was launched by chief executive, Carol Paris at GLEE. “We think this is an excellent idea and we hope retailers give it the support it deserves,” Mrs Paris said.

Town & Country’s chief executive Barry Page said: “If it works as well as we expect it to this year, then we hope to run it regularly and in doing so help to create a steady income stream for Greenfingers so that they can fund more projects and continue to carry out the wonderful work they do for children’s hospices.”

The new Master Gardener Secateurs range includes bypass, anvil and precision secateurs.  They feature stainless steel or chrome plated carbon steel blades, built-in safety catch and comfort grip handles for ease of use.  The revolving metal counter display comes free as part of the deal.

Enquiries:  Town & Country; 01530 830990;;