8 in 1 new range stands up to premium position

8 in 1, a brand with a worldwide reputation for innovation and quality, is proud to announce its new  UK range, giving it a fresh new look and appeal, focused on the top end of the companion animal category. It is part of a European-wide launch that builds on the existing brand attributes of trust, high quality and convenience. This first phase includes a complete new range of grooming and hygiene products for dogs, offering retailers a new concept for today’s growing premium market. 
This first range will consist of shampoos for gentle cleaning and care; fresh sprays which offer refreshment in between baths; hygiene sprays that remove stains and odours; fresh wipes and coaching products for house training dogs. All products benefit from 8 in 1’s high level of investment in research and development and quality packaging and design to give retailers the confidence and support they need to sell.
The first phase of the re-launch will be supported by a public relations campaign with specially designed point of sale for in-store support and to build brand awareness and positioning.
For further information telephone 08700 554020 or visit http://www.eightinonepet.com/
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