Water features to suit your style

Even novice gardeners can now enjoy the beauty of a water feature, no matter how large or small their garden may be. The Blagdon Water Feature Kit enables anyone who dreams of having a restful water feature in their garden space to make it a reality.


Anh Nguyen, Blagdon Brand Manager comments: “Many people dream of enjoying the sights and sounds of moving water in their garden, but find the prospect of setting it up rather daunting. Our Water Feature Kit makes a beautiful water feature a reality for even a novice gardener. It includes everything you need to set up the feature you want, leaving you to focus on the important bit – picking the Rock, Pot or Pebbles that suit your tastes best!”


The Water Feature Kit allows gardeners to put their creativity into practice and generate a style that suits them. The Rock feature transforms a drilled rock into an attractive water feature, while the Pot Kit creates a stunning display from a classic terracotta pot. The Pebble Fountain presents the gardener with three different fountain heads which can be used interchangeably to create three unique displays.


With over fifty years of experience in fishkeeping and water gardening, Blagdon offers effective solutions designed for success. The Water Feature Kit comes with simple to follow visual instructions for each choice of water feature and includes:


1 x Feature Pump 650: The pump is the heart of any water feature, so it’s important to use a good quality model. Buying a pump separately can cost up to £30 so the inclusion of the Feature Pump 650 offers brilliant value for money and convenience.

1 x 10cm Access hole cover: The easy access hole allows for access to the pump for maintenance without having to dismantle the entire water feature.

1 x 30 litre Reservoir (40cm wide x 32cm high), 1 x 60cm Reservoir lid: The reservoir and reservoir lid are made of materials durable enough to withstand up to 50kg of weight placed on top of it.

1 x Set of Rock feature fittings, 1 x Set of Pebble fountain fittings, 1 x Set of Pot kit fittings (please refer to image for full list): The three sets of fittings provide the gardener with a variety of possibilities that allow them to put their own twist on their water feature and create a truly unique design. Including the right fittings in the kit also saves both the time and money of buying fittings separately.


The Blagdon Water Feature Kit is available from all major stockists for an RRP of £64.99.


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