Two new Henri Studio bird baths introduced

One of the significant growth areas for garden centres is in the sale of wild bird care products, fuelled by the increasing number of home owners who derive pleasure from encouraging and observing wild birds in their gardens. One of the main needs of all wild birds is the availability of a fresh supply of water, preferably in a shallow basin, which is vital all year round for both drinking and bathing.
Henri Studio’s extensive range of bird baths fulfils this requirement whilst also adding an attractive sculpture to any garden setting. The latest birdbaths to be introduced for the 2008 season, a Hexagonal Prairie Birdbath and a Rectangular Prairie Birdbath, are practical and they also provide attractive landscape focal points. The Hexagonal Prairie Birdbath (76cm high) and the Rectangular Prairie Birdbath (90cm high) both have simple yet pleasing lines and the Hexagonal is adorned with a delightful bird sculpture. The bird baths are available in a wide range of colours and finishes.
Pictured is the Henri Studio Hexagonal Prairie Bird Bath.
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