Stock tools with celebrity status

Alan Titchmarsh, television gardener and presenter of Gardeners’ World, Ground Force and How to be a Gardener, has joined forces with heavyweight tool manufacturer, Bulldog Tools, to produce two new garden tool ranges that will be sold in garden centres across the UK.

The two new, exclusive Alan Titchmarsh ranges are called “Traditional Forged Garden” and “English Style Stainless”, both of which meet the needs of the experienced and enthusiast gardener.

Bulldog Tools – a manufacturer you can trust …

Bulldog Tools have been manufacturing tools in their Wigan forge for over 200 years and produce durable tools that have been forged to the highest specification. The Bulldog name has a long history that guarantees a lifetime of reliable service, which is beneficial both to you and your customers, as selling a brand that customers trust will ensure loyalty and return custom to your garden centre.  

The range …

Both the Traditional Forged Garden and English Style Stainless range  are comprehensive and feature a wide selection of tools, such as spades, forks, hoes, rakes, edgers, secateurs and ratchets, all of which you can stock in your centre.  

The Traditional Forged range has been forged from a single piece of steel which is then securely attached to the shaft of the tool. The absence of welding eliminates any points of weakness in the tool, resulting in durable longer lasting products. In addition, the shaft of the tool is buried deep inside its socket which again increases durability and resilience of the tool’s strength, ensuring it is able to withstand the toughest use.

The second range, English Style Stainless, has soft grip tilted handles, which have been designed to make using the tool more comfortable. Furthermore, the range has polished stainless steel heads that are reliable and robust. 

The shafts of both ranges are manufactured from high quality sustainable wood, with each piece of timber carefully selected for quality and straightness of the grain. Each shaft is then varnished for weather protection which guarantees that the tool can stand the test of time.

Furthermore, all Bulldog spades are tested for strength, by being repeatedly loaded and bent on a machine. The British standards dictate that after 150lbs is put on the end of the handle, held for three minutes then released, the handle should return to within 25mm of its original position. A Bulldog spade will typically return to within 2-3mm. Not only this, but the spades will take a loading weight of well over 200lbs without permanent damage. 

Finally …

With Alan Titchmarsh’s unparalleled gardening knowledge and Bulldog’s manufacturing experience the new gardening tools are built to last and will be a real asset in your garden centre.

If you would like to become a stockist of the Alan Titchmarsh and Bulldog gardening range or if you would like further information, please visit or call 01279 401570.