ONE explodes in UK.

Following a successful launch in Italy & Spain, Valagro have introduced to the UK an exciting new plant nutrition product titled “ONE”

Exceeding expectations in market trials which were designed to assess the products potential in the UK, ONE is aiming to penetrate the UK fertiliser market with it’s natural explosion of nutrients and extracts.

In order to gather as broad opinion about the product as possible, the market trials were adopted by 28 garden centres of varying sizes across the Country.

Valagro representatives held presentations for staff and each centre was provided with POS banners, free sachet samples and display pallets containing the striking, distinctive and very attractive 1 litre bottles of ONE.

Early trials have shown that the free sachets alone have proved to be a valuable marketing tool with each sachet containing enough ONE to make half a litre of ready to use plant food.

The majority of the 25 garden centres were extremely pleased with the sales generated by ONE and plan to list the complete range of products in 2009. Sales have been comparable to some of the heavyweight names that have been in the market for many years!

Valagro who own the Maxicrop group of products is a world leader in plant nutrition products, specialising in bio-stimulant products derived from natural plant extracts.

Valagro’s UK Sales Manager Tom Royall explains that ONE is extremely simple to use.

 “You don’t need to be an expert, you just add the solution and end up with healthier plants that you would if you used a conventional mineral fertiliser.

Valegro have selected natural products from plant extracts and natural rock phosphates which when applied feed essential nutrients back to plants creating a natural explosion of growth.

Because the product comprises of a unique balance of nitrogen, phosphate, potash, natural trace elements and even protected iron, ONE can feed fruit, vegetables, lawns, plants in tubs and baskets, cacti, orchids, bonsai and even acid loving plants such as Rhododendrons!” ONE is a general purpose fertiliser that will feed any plant.

From nature to nature is Valagro’s corporate slogan and this summarises the companies philosophy.

ONE is available in liquid, granular and microgranular formulations. The liquid version is available in 500ml and 1 litre bottles. The water soluble version in 500ml and 1 litre packs and the microgranular in 1kg and 4kg packs.

Tom Royall

0845 520 3111