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We know that your customers want to buy products from sustainable sources and do not want to contribute to climate change by purchasing garden furniture made from unsustainable and illegally felled trees.

Classic Teak supplies Teak and other hard wood street and garden furniture to local authorities, hotels, heritage homes, public houses and private garden owners and has done so for many years.  Strength, durability, comfort and reliability have always been essential to our brand and since the rise of illegally sourced timber from various countries we have been actively promoting the use of FSC certified Teak, Oak, Sweet Chestnut, recycled Teak and PEFQ Iroko and FEQ Teak.

Many other outdoor furniture suppliers are selling you illegally sourced timber products. They are not cheaper and you may not see the difference immediately, ask to see the Forest Stewardship Council certification number, or call us, we’ll be pleased to look it up for you.

Classic Teak

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