Chapin International, the largest manufacturer of sprayers in North America, boasts 125 years of manufacturing, research and development.  The company invented and patented the pump sprayer in 1902. Chapin is bringing its innovative Chapin Pro Series Knapsack Sprayer to the UK market; a decision which will offer UK buyers the chance to benefit from Chapin’s vast experience, as well as its keen pricing and outstanding value.

The Chapin Pro Series Knapsack Sprayer line has an easy pumping action, quality grips and straps, leak-free no-waste seals and a level of quality and features professionals demand, bringing best value to the UK market. Versatile, the Chapin Pro Series Knapsack Sprayer can be used all year round for all tasks, proving a cost-effective and wise choice for the landscape, turf, amenity or gardening professional.

Chapin’s strong customer orientation and dedication to excellence in its core US business has resulted in a level of product quality and innovation that the UK market can now benefit from fully. Chapin’s UK distributor and partner in delivering first class service is Leicestershire-based DMMP Limited.

Managing Director of DMMP Limited Marcus Palmer is confident that the UK will welcome the great value and innovation offered by Chapin’s Pro Series Knapsack Sprayer line. “The UK industry needs a knapsack sprayer that works as hard as it does. The Chapin Pro Series Knapsack Sprayer line is efficient, reliable and robust and has earned its place as a leader in the US market so I am confident the buyers here will want to reap the benefits of a proven product at a very attractive price.”

Chuck Mattes, Vice President Sales & Marketing of Chapin explains why the US giant has decided to bring this product to the UK market now: “Globally we are all asking more of our products and volume production. The Chapin Pro Series Knapsack Sprayer line delivers value and durability so it will appeal to both the landscape, turf, amenity and gardening professional as well as the accounts department. Customer care is highly important to us, so we chose to work with DMMP as we knew Marcus Palmer and his team would extend our consumer-focused philosophy into the UK market.”

The Chapin Pro Series Knapsack Sprayer line retails from £79.99 per unit. For more information, please contact Marcus Palmer at DMMP Limited on 0845 643 9776 or at