The BarbeSkew is the most technically superior barbecue in the world!

It is a rotisserie barbecue and therefore rotates all the food ensuring that it doesn’t burn ensuring it is left on longer so all the food cooks thoroughly.

There are many benefits of rotisserie cooking. If you think about the chicken rotisseries that are readily available at supermarkets, people now buy the chickens ready cooked from the rotisserie rather than cooking themselves because they know that the rotisserie produces superior cooking results ensuring the meat is moist and tender mainly because the food is self basting or cooking in it’s own juices as it rotates.

The BarbeSkew produces the same phenomenal results with all the meat being moist and tender, but with the lid down, all the moisture in the food absorbs the charcoal smoke giving the most phenomenal tasting bbqed food ever! Traditional barbecue items like beef-burgers and sausages or fish and steak can be cooked in the rotating cages – these really are truly innovative.

Rotisserie barbecuing is the future. If you go to countries like Cyprus, then every single barbecue is a rotisserie barbecue. Cyprus really is a nation that produce the most spectacular barbecued food. And the UK will follow its example. How much longer will Brits put up with dry burnt and uncooked food that comes from the traditional old style “turn and burn” barbecues. The FUTURE of barbecues is here – the BarbeSkew.

So the BarbeSkew is filling a gap in the market and has therefore become the first commercially available rotisserie barbecue on the market.

Being featured on Dragons’ Den has made the UK sales rocket. And the BarbeSkew is starting to get a set of fanatical followers – which is understandable when you taste BarbeSkewed food! The BarbeSkew is shaking up the barbecue market in the same way that Gordon Ramsey has shaken up restaurants!

There are 3 models in the range:

  • Charcoal BarbeSkew Top-of-the-range – ideal for parties: £299.95
  • Gas BarbeSkew Top-of-the-range – ideal for parties: £399.95
  • Charcoal BarbeSkew II Family size: £149.95

The BarbeSkew is available from the NEXT Directory and from all leading garden centres or direct from the manufacturer at

And finally …

Because the BarbeSkew rotates the food automatically, it leaves the party host to enjoy the party more with their guests as opposed to being stuck on the barbecue turning and burning the food!

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