New Horizons Tops Which? Compost Trials Again

The annual Gardening Which? compost trials are one of the most important independent measures of which products offer outstanding performance and value. This year the trials were devoted entirely to peat-free composts and once again saw Sinclair products take the top slots.

Both 1st and 2nd place went to products from new horizon, the Sinclair Peat-Free range. Top prize for the second year running was awarded to New Horizon Organic and Peat Free Grow Bags, with New Horizon Multi-Purpose Peat Free a close second. The test ranged over 9 composts and was based on seed sowing or growing on seedlings or plug plants. The trials assessed on the rate of germination and size and quality of the resulting seedlings. They also compared antirrhinum and cabbages for colour, size and vigour after five weeks. To test composts for longer-term use, busy lizzies were grown for five months then assessed for vigour and flowering.

Which? said that “seed germinated well and grew on strongly” and that antirrhinums “did consistently well…after five weeks the quality of the antirrhinums matched those grown in peat-based compost and that cabbages out-performed those grown in peat.”


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