Given the current economic climate there has never been a better time to start growing your own fruit and vegetables. Eager to encourage both new and seasoned professionals into the great outdoors HORSFIELDS NURSERY in Silkstone has come up with a novel way to get people excited about gardening.

HORSFIELDS NURSERY felt they had to create something different to bring attention to the grow your own phenomenon.  There fore the nursery commissioned local filmmaker CHARLIE NORTH to produce a memorable and engaging viral video for their website. CHARLIE NORTH who is better known for his music and video production work for artists such as BT and the WORLDWIDE GROOVE CORPORATION would not be your obvious choice for such a project. However this collaboration has resulted in a video that uses some of the very latest video technology to produce a truly striking and original idea.

The film takes the viewer through the sowing and pricking out process by using the sounds involved to create a series of breakbeat rhythms that drive the film forward. Everything was shot and recorded at the nursery and this meant that all the tools and activities were easily accessible. However, the shoot wasn’t without it’s problems as Charlie explains, ‘the biggest issue I faced was the volume of the sounds. I’m used to recording drum kits and guitars that have very good acoustics. The sound of sowing seeds is actually very quite!’ He goes on to say, ‘the other big headache was the tuning of the sounds. Unlike working with real instruments these noises needed a lot of delicate tuning in post production.’

The editing process took about 7 days and was completed at Charlie’s studio. The majority of time was spent replacing the sounds traditionally used to make a drum beat. Charlie states, ‘Some of the sounds were very difficult to sort out, however I’m particularly happy with the watering can and the shaking seeds!’ In order to match the sounds and images Charlie also had to use cutting edge time stretching tools normally reserved for use in special effects footage.

Emma Horsfield nursery owner said ” I am delighted to have such an unusual viral of growing your own tomatoes, it has been very effective in creating a huge interest in gardening, especially sowing your own seeds, long may it last”

Horsfields Plant nursery was established over 40 years ago by Tom Horsfield, it is still family owned and run.

The finished video is shown below:

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