Global warming brings new visitors to UK gardens


Beautifully crafted copy of the Lesser Flamingo. Gorgeous rich colours (high shrimp diet), striking true to life beak. Sure to catch the attention, the oooohs and aaarhs! of your customers.
Colour fast and frost proof.
Cardboard boxed in moulded polyfoam.
Easy to fit (slide in) steel legs removed when packed.
Size approx. 40 inches high x 20 inches long x 9 inches wide.


As things hot up we’re going to see more of this very attractive bird in our gardens.
This bird will be a real winner on your garden ornament stand, customers fall in love with its beauty.
Colour fast and frost proof.
Packed in pairs in moulded poly foam.
Size approx. 10 inches long x 8 inches high x 3.5 inches wide.


Do not feed this bird … Keep moving.
Ideal for crowd control.
The ultimate in  scaring pigeons away, might also include dogs, cats, unwelcome visitors, unpopular relatives, salesman and the like.
No bird of prey licence required to own this bird.
Colour fast and frost proof.
Cardboard boxed in moulded polyfoam.
Size approx. 9 inches wide x 18 inches long x 6 inches deep.
All so reasonably priced … priced to sell
As close to the life size, colour and physical characteristics of the real bird

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