Burgon & Ball paving the way forward…

Yet again, Burgon & Ball, with their years of accumulated knowledge, have paved the way for environmentally friendly solutions to cleaning Block Paving, Grouting and Decks.  NO pressure washing, NO chemicals and NO MORE bending.  Creating four exclusively designed ‘Miracle’ brushes, each has its own unique set of tough wire bristles on an FSC hardwood head for targeted cleaning power.  No detail has been left to chance on this triumphant departure from out dated methods of post winter maintenance.

With a choice of extra long  handles, to ensure stooping is no longer an issue, and a specially crafted blade to prise out the most stubborn of weeds, Burgon & Ball’s Miracle Brushes will remove that winter build up of mould, algae & residue from any paving, grouting or deck. Leading by example and experience, Burgon & Ball, are proud of their past and committed to securing a far friendlier future.

To enquire about the availability of products for Burgon and Ball please contact Nina Best on 01202 684 141, email sales@burgonandball.com or visit www.burgonandball.com

Editors Notes.


Burgon and Ball have been designing and producing award winning garden tools and household products since 1730.


Burgon & Ball are based in the same Victorian factory on the banks of the River Rivelin, in the steel heartland of Sheffield, that they have been in since.



Burgon & Ball have recently dredged the millpond outside their factory and restored to full flowing order this feed to the original wheel that powered the whole factory.


Nearly half the workforce of Burgon & Ball have another member of their family working for the company.


Burgon & Ball exhibit every year at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and have won, amongst other awards, the coveted RHS Chelsea Sundries Trophy for their display.


Burgon & Ball sponsor the RHS Special Needs Schools Project – helping pupils with Special Educational Needs in schools to take part in gardening.