Celebrating 150 years with a 3 great designs and the return to UK production

Charles Bentley is a company that welcomes new challenges, and constantly develops new products to satisfy today’s customers that have different tastes and product aspirations. The result is a growing company with highly demanded products.

Why not take a look at their high performance ranges, Bambu, Clown and Lime circles, whilst different in appearance, they all expertly perform the task required and will be chosen for different reasons. All are very competitively priced and be bought on line at http://www.hygienebrush.co.uk or can be bought at various stores in the UK.

Bambu is a desirable eco friendly collection, designed and manufactured in the UK. It’s ergonomic, comfortable and practical and also stylish an most definitely fit for purpose and competitively priced. It is made with Bamboo, which is fully sustainable. The finishing touch is the natural wax based finish which locks in the Bamboo’s unique antibacterial properties and maintains durability and the high product performance.

Is deigned to brighten up dull cleaning days. The fun spotty design will brighten your mood, furthermore, because the brushes are exceptionally well designed the effort and time required for the cleaning task will be reduced – the perfect result!

Is a fashionable and functional brush ware range. The clever mix of lime and gray will make these products stand out from the crowd, more over they will look great in the kitchen, and the exceptional product features will make them a pleasure to use and ensure the task is completed quickly.

Introducing a very desirable collection of Bambu® cleaning products.

This great new collection is UK designed, ergonomic, comfortable to hold, stylish, fit for purpose and competitively priced. Moreover as the name infers it is made with Bamboo, which is fully sustainable.

Each piece has been designed with practicality in mind, whilst celebrating the natural appearance of Bamboo. The finishing touch is the natural wax based finish which locks in the Bamboo’s antibacterial properties and maintains durability and the high product performance.

Why Bamboo?

It’s one of the most environmentally friendly plants on the planet, which can be harvested and replenished with no impact on the environment! In fact, Bamboo is the world’s fastest growing plant; furthermore it’s fully sustainable & completely renewable.

The bassine fibres used in the outdoor brushes are 100% natural and are yielded from the Palmyra tree. The fibres used in the indoor brushes are Tampico and originate from Mexican Cactus plants.

Bentley’s new range called Bambu® will not only look great in and around the home, but will provide many years of use.



Oxford Brush – a stylish, natural and ecologically sensitive range from Bentley.

Market-leading independent brushware manufacturer Bentley is pleased to announce the introduction of the Oxford Brush range. It is a timeless, quintessentially English selection that meets customer demand for products that perform effectively, look good and satisfy their requirement for environmental responsibility.

Oxford brushes use a variety of natural products: the wood used for the handles and stocks is from the rubber tree, which is fully sustainable, and the mop uses cotton – again, a 100% natural, sustainable and highly absorbent material.

Three types of fibre are featured in the brush range, all of which are natural and biodegradable:

  • Softer brushes use coco fibres, from mature coconut husks. This is a fibre that frequently goes to waste.
  • Bassine, from the Palmyra tree, is a tough, dextrous fibre suitable for outdoor brooms and scrubbing brushes.
  • Tampico fibres are naturally absorbent and resistant, yet their delicacy and smoothness make them perfect for a dish brush and hand scrub brush.

In addition to brushes and mops, the Oxford range features a selection of traditional metal buckets, dustpans and storage containers, with prices starting from £3 at RRP.

Bentleys products can now be bought on line at:- www.hygienebrush.co.uk

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