Chuckit Launch Three Ball Collection

The US brand Chuckit, known for activity toys for dogs, has launched a new product called Fetch Medley, which is a variety three pack ball set. Fetch Medley is presented on a strong blue and white header card and contains a Whistler Ball, Max Glow Ball and a Rebounce Ball (recycled). All three balls are 2.5 inch in diameter and compatible with the company’s standard Chuckit ball launchers. Fetch Medley, along with the whole Chuckit range from Canine Hardware, is distributed in the UK by Mines for Pets.

Included in Fetch Medley is The Whistler, which is a soft but strong blue rubber ball with a unique internal design that creates a whistling noise in the air. The second ball in the Fetch Medley pack is the Max Glow Ball which is made of luminescent rubber that glows in the dark and re-charges under bright light. The third ball, Rebounce Ball, is manufactured with the use of recycled natural rubber to produce an environmentally friendly product. As you would expect from the premium Chuckit brand, all three variety balls are high quality, functional, of high bounce and durable. The recommended retail price for the Fetch Medley product is £10.99 providing excellent value for money.

Chuckit have increased its range of balls recently adding new variety balls and additional sizes for some existing products. Chuckit Tennis Balls, Ultra Balls, Fetch Balls and Rebounce re-cycled balls are available as well as Chuckit Ball Launchers in Regular, Mini for a 2” ball, Junior, Pocket and Mega for a 3” ball. A range of 32 Canine Hardware products are available directly from Mines for Pets. The range is designed to revolutionise the game of fetch and keep it fresh. The company has created the most fun and functional fetch products on the market that throw better, fly further, float higher, bounce more and glow brighter. Call 01243 265378 for a catalogue, full price list and trading terms. You can also visit to see pictures and find descriptions of all products.