Brownies learn about butterfly-friendly plants at Squire’s

The 3rd A Reigate Brownies recently visited Squire’s Garden Centre to learn about butterfly-friendly plants in order to achieve their butterfly challenge badge.

Squire’s in Reigate opened the garden centre in the evening especially for the Brownies, and staff helped them to plant up a pot containing flowers that attract butterflies, including Lavender, Thyme, Borage and French Marigolds. They also learnt about the lifecycle of a butterfly, completed a butterfly quiz, and sang a few Brownie songs at the beginning and end of the evening.

Squire’s in Reigate assistant manager Mark Morely said: “We really enjoyed hosting the Brownies at Squire’s. The girls were very interested to learn what plants attract butterflies, and had great fun getting their hands dirty and choosing plants for their pots. Their containers looked beautiful and I’m sure that they will attract lots of butterflies in their gardens at home.”