BecoBowl – The first eco friendly pet bowl

BecoThings ( is an environmentally friendly product design company whose aim is to produce “eco friendly alternatives to everyday products at affordable prices”. BecoThings manufacture and design all their own products including a pet range. They launched their first pet product – the BecoBowl – at GLEE 2009 where they scooped the top price of Best New Pet Product of the year. The BecoBowl is made from a natural plant fibre plastic which contains rice husks, a waste product of rice farming. This makes the BecoBowl both sustainable to produce but also biodegradable at the end of its use. Once it is discarded and ends up in landfill or a compost environment the pet bowl will physically break down within 3-5 years. This differs markedly to the hundreds or thousands of years a conventional petroleum plastic bowl would take to waste away.  The natural plant fibre plastic is strong and durable and will consequently last as long as a plastic or metal pet bowl in everyday use. 

At an RRP of £2.99 for the small BecoBowl and £4.99 for the large BecoBowl they compare very reasonably on price to the rest of the pet bowl market. BecoThings concentrate on producing quality pet accessories at affordable prices whilst not sacrificing on aesthetic design or functionality. While buying green continues to be desirable, the current economic climate has meant people are less inclined to pay the extra 30-50% it normally entails. From the beginning BecoThings has strongly felt to have any real impact on the environment they had to cut out the normal 30-50% premium associated with most environmentally friendly and organic goods. The BecoBowl comes in 2 sizes and 5 different colours. For more information please contact George Bramble at BecoThings on 0207 1932582 or email him at