A bright light in the economy – P. de Jager & Sons Limited

Bucking current trends in the gardening industry, sales at P. de Jager & Sons Limited, the premier garden flower bulb wholesale and retail company based in East Sutton, Maidstone, are romping ahead at 60 per cent up on last year and still rising. It is only four months since George and Rose Clowes bought the company and they are delighted with progress so far!
Thirty nine per cent of retail sales are from the new website launched in June and 26 per cent of total retail sales are from new customers via the web. The company is also seeing larger orders arriving from existing de Jager customers both wholesale and retail.
De Jager was bought by George and Rose Clowes in May and straightaway a new website was commissioned, the autumn catalogue was brought together and a marketing plan produced and put into action. The task was to direct as many retail orders as possible to the new website.
Says George Clowes: “We have a wonderful team at East Sutton. They started the year fearful of their jobs and now it is all hands on deck and everyone is giving their very best to growing the company. It is brilliant to see such dedication and commitment.”
Sue Hinton, of Hampshire-based DSH Public Relations, the company that was asked to advise and support the marketing of de Jager, says: “It is so invigorating to have the chance to work for a company that is passionate about success and where everyone works so hard. We had to hit the ground running at the end of May, working all hours of the day and night, and it is wonderful to see the company turn around. Nobody minds working hard when George is at the helm because he is so enthusiastic and hard working himself. He appreciates all the effort that people put into the company.”
P. de Jager & Sons Limited have been flower bulb specialists since 1868. The company has always been known for its top quality, top sized bulbs, with an unequalled range of more than 1,100 varieties, giving something for everyone, whether you have a stately home or just a window box. The company has a rich history and a reputation for introducing stunning new varieties and has won several gold medals at the Chelsea Flower Show.
P. de Jager & Sons Limited can be contacted as usual at sales@dejager.co.uk or on 01622 840229 (fax 01622 844073).