3D graphics help GLEE winner get the most from £20,000 win!

Alison Adams from CWA Pets in Ludlow has used CASCO 3D Graphics to make the most of an amazing £20,000 GLEE prize. Alison has just approved her layout with help from 3D technology. She was the lucky GLEE 2008 CASCO prize draw winner who is about to benefit from new animal enclosures for birds, reptiles and small pets as well as new aquarium racks. Alison’s store is an independently owned family business and a worthy winner of such an amazing prize.

Alison said, “I was shown the initial computer generated 3D graphics of the proposed new layout for my shop. It was very impressive the way I could actually move around the shop to see to how it would look in real life”. Alison couldn’t believe her luck when she received a call on the last day of GLEE to say she had won a £20,000 store makeover and now she is almost ready to see her vision materialise and her store receive a major uplift!

CASCO are able to produce computer-generated graphics and allow customers to make changes prior to the work commencing. In this way customers can be 100% sure they have the best layout for their store and for their personal requirements. After seeing the plan on the computer screen, Alison decided to cut back on bird enclosures and increase the amount of space for rodents and small animals. Alison added, “My shop is an unusual shape which produces extra challenges for merchandising, so I found the 3D imagery CASCO offer really helped”. The process has now moved on from planning to a definite order and a date has now been made for the work to start to vastly improve the animal room for CWA Pets.

The process used by CASCO is leading edge CAD (Computer Aided Design) 3D computer software, which provides customers with a ‘virtual experience’ of their new shop layout. After a store has been measured, 3D rendering at the push of a button has become a brilliant tool for showing customers how to best utilise the space they have available.


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